Kevin Miller Matsunaga

Ho Chi Minh City · Vietnam · +84.90.910.9933 ·

Currently I am focusing on implementing the use of different technologies in the F&B sector that includes integrating POS with food delivery systems. I am also using IoT to help F&B owners smooth the operations of their establishments in Vietnam.

I am an experienced STEM teacher in IB MYP Media/Drama, IB MYP ICT, and IB DP Computer Science with teaching experience in China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, the USA, and Vietnam. I am also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Kazakhstan) and Former US Marine.

I feel that education and technology are key necessities to building strong sustainable communities and improving quality of life for all people.


IT Business Consultant, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam & Fukuoka, Japan

• Consulting for Baba's Kitchen - Vietnam
• Conducted audit and retrieval of restaurants’ technology and social media accounts
• Researched potential vendors for new CCTV and POS systems
• Set up, implemented, and provided training for a new restaurant food delivery system
• Set up marketing campaigns with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
• Liaisoned with Baemin (Vietnamm), GrabFood, GoFood (GoJek), ZaloFood, and DeliveryNow (
• Working with Baba's Kitchen to develop "restaurant-centered" food delivery system
• Helped increase food delivery sales since December, 2018.

Nov. 2018 - Present

Blended Learning Entrepreneur

JapanNode, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam & Fukuoka, Japan

• Goal is to integrate education and technology to build a strong sustainable community and improving quality of life for all Japanese citizens
• Developed business plans to open an IoT-based blended learning English center franchises in Japan
• Collaborated with a EduTech company to offer a blended learning English app to daycare and preschool children in Vietnam
• Started initial work and obtained master franchise license to set up a STEM franchises in Vietnam
• Networked with US universities to offer US high school online diploma programs to students in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

July 2018 - Present

Social Entrepreneur

Southeast Asia Action for Clean Technology, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

• Collaborated with SmartAir China to bring and develop DIY air purifiers to Vietnam
• Networked with local PM2.5 masks providers in China and Vietnam

May 2017 - June 2018

International ICT Coordinator and IB DP Computer Science Teacher

Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School, Shanghai, China

• Repaired, recovered and maintained Old Moodle LMS system for the school
• Conducted school-wide ICT audit
• Led the development team for design and implementation of new Moodle LMS with outside consultants
• Provided assistance and tech support for international teachers
• Taught International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Computer Science to Grade 11 Students (developed first year curriculum)
• Taught Pre-DP Computer Science to Grade 10 Students (developed first year curriculum)
• Served as Advisor for Programming Club
• Served as IB 'Community and Service' and 'Extended Essay' advisor

August 2016 - July 2017


GoHalalTours!, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

• Developed, implemented, and remotely maintained an online tourism platform for Vietnam Muslim Tours, a local halal tour operator in Cambodia and Vietnam
• Networked with halal restaurants across Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
• Maintained and updated halal directory of restaurants for Vietnam at GoHalalVietnam!

Oct. 2011 - Dec. 2016

IB MYP Media/Drama, IB Design and ICT Teacher

Miras International School, Almaty, Kazakhstan

• Taught IB MYP Media/Drama to International Stream Students
• Taught IB MYP ICT/Design Technology to Kazakh and Russian Language Stream Students
• Responsible for administrative and network component of the Miras International School's Model United Nations (MISMUN) conference with duties that included managing the student Press Corps
• Served as Model United Nations Director (MISMUN 2016)
• Served as International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program 'Personal Project Coordinator'
• Led the Advanced Computer Club for middle school students

Nov. 2013 - July 2016


Indiana University, Bloomington, IN., USA

Master of Public Affairs - O'Neill School

Comparative and International Affairs; Information Systems; and Nonprofit Management

August 2000 - May 2003

University of Washington, Seattle, WA., USA

Double Degree Bachelor of Arts

American Ethnic Studies and Sociology

Sept. 1991 - August 1996


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cutting edge JavaScript frameworks
  • WordPress migration to JAMstack
  • Optimized and Secure LEMP and Serverless systems


I am a an avid master-level weightlifter which I have been doing off and on since 1993. I would love to train kids how to Snatch and Clean & Jerk. I currently have my Level 1 Training certification with CrossFit and am working on my Level 1 Weightlifting certication course now.

I also love to ride my motorcyle. I currently own a 2016 Kawasaki Z300 which is my main mode of transportation here in Saigon. When I move to Japan, I hope to upgrade to a Kawasaki Ninja 650.

You can keep up with my life at my blog. I run an older WordPress blog called and now recently started blogging at which is run on Ghost.

I have been a avid web developer since the year 2000 when I was playing around with HTML4. A Dutch friend sent me his copy of FrontPage which started my interest in web developing. I have transition from FrontPage to Dreamweaver and eventually started to develop XHTML sites by code. I later moved to WordPress but that got me real lazy in coding. Now I am interested in JAMstack and in the process of migrating my WordPress sites over to static sites.

Training & Certifications

  • IB DP Computer Science Cat 1 Online Workshop - International Baccalaureate
  • Site Based Coordinator for IB Approved Pamoja Education online courses - Pamoja Education
  • IBAP MYP Category 2 Workshop (Design) - International Baccalaureate, Daejeon, South Korea
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer - CrossFitHQ, Shanghai, China
  • Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential (Industry and Technology) - Commission on Teacher Credentialing (California)
  • Program Recruiter Training, American Council for International Education - Moscow, Russia
  • US Peace Corps Secondary School Teacher Training - United States Peace Corps Kazakhstan
  • Teaching English as a Second Language - Tacoma Community House, Seattle, WA., USA